Repairs or Replacements
You may not need a new roof yet. Why spend the money if you don’t have to? We can inspect your roof and perform recommended repairs or re-roof your entire home.

Quality Roofing Materials
We use materials that include a manufacturer’s warranty to give you peace of mind and protect the long term value of your home. Your roofing estimate will include a written statement of the length of guarantee.

Shutters and Trim
Not just roofing, we offer a wide array of decorative options to enhance the beauty of your home. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, the right trim will give it a finished look to add to its character.

Replace those aging or missing gutters to help protect your home and roof from water damage. New gutters add a clean, fresh look to your home.

This +100-year-old company is the leading manufacturer of building materials in North American. Their selection includes everything from luxury styles and textures to affordable basics that will add beauty to your home and protect it from adverse effects of weather.

After Dave put the roof on my first house, and I had to use him again on my second house. What impressed me on both homes is they started on time, ended on time, & their workmanship was excellent. The first house repairs included roofing and siding repairs from hail damage. Dave patiently helped me secure the funds from my insurance company. The second house I purchased as a remodel. It had complicated roof lines, a flat roof, and the front 1/3 of the roof and parapet needed to be rebuilt. It looks wonderful. The house also had a very poor siding job from before, Dave trimmed in the windows and made repairs so the house looks very distinguished. Even though the second house was allot more involved, Dave’s initial price quote held true to the finish because he had the experience to see what he was getting into. Not continually getting surprise add-ons in the final total was great. I would not only recommend him but use him again.
~ Matt Haines

“ . . . A Complete Home Improvement Company . . . ’

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